Mito Kairakuen

The luxurious plum of Kairaku-en Garden

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If it is Japanese peoples, there will not be Kairaku-en Garden and the person whom I hear it and do not know!  Only it is the place that is famous as a place of connection of Komon Mito here.

 I kept silence for a long time for a while how many years it would already pass, but a chance visited me as this time.  There is it for the purpose of saying enjoying ume blossom, but and, besides, ... understanding that the beautiful personality that slightly very, very normal a lot cannot imagine of that beautiful plum seen in the distant place from the parking lot of 1,000 lakes is the garden which there is resembles it, and building 'of' carving wood erected particularly remarkably, it are Yoshifumi bowers.  I looked at the Mito city slowly and carefully this time from this Yoshifumi bower, but this was beautiful again and was able to grasp a state of the development around these days with 1,000 lakes that I went through a plum, city scenery and a beautiful view at a stretch very clearly. (as of 20080318)

 I was able to appreciate a plum becoming in full blossom this time in the comparatively warm time, but what I watch feels like it having been usual when I remember former times while wind is strong in the enjoying ume blossom time and is cold.  Without minding a chill in a warm climate this time; ... that enjoying ume blossom was possible・・・・・References available at (kairakuen & Kodokan)


Beauty of the park of the plum seen from a parking lot And many flowers were in bloom so that it might sink into eyes! Even though the tree here had many old trees, the care is very good, and although the all attached the flower vigorously and are in all glory, it was surprised with the thing of being Kairakuen truly!


Oh dear, plum blossoms first of all and [kan;ume] it. The flowering of plum blossoms that cut plum blossoms and a van beautiful even if it sees when doesn't become it being felt the history of matching the graduate to this even if it sees at time, and seeing off and inviting the following entrant who enters newly with cherry blossoms again somehow. Recognize plum tree in great garden wonderful again however, being made


 This is the pedestrian bridge which is in Kairaku-en Garden from the Lake Chinami, but there is the thing which the flowers of the plum to watch from these outskirts stare wide-eyed at.  Because the outskirts wanted to all watch this Kairaku-en Garden greedily this time, I was clockwise and decided to appreciate it from the east gate at first to watch the outside!  Still, all plums are the best part at the time of the full bloom.


 It is that unique wooden building 'Yoshifumi bower' that introduce in broadcasting station of any place when I introduce Mito Kairaku-en Garden.  Even if that building does not have to speak it now here I adapt myself to it with the outskirts and how enhance the mood of Kairaku-en Garden, it is a splendid building, cultural heritage.  If get together in a document of the explanation that had according to a thing of the ninth Mito feudal clan charges feudal lord Nariaki Tokugawa.  And 'oneself alone is not going to enjoy it, and it is written down a large number of people and with' which I was going to enjoy here.  Still, it is particularly different Ino that is a splendid place.


 I was different from the plum which bloomed in the vicinity of the entrance of the Yoshifumi bower in the inside where there was the beautiful old-fashioned mood of the straw-thatched roof in even anything, tea being the atmospheres that wanted to drink one cup, and there was not it!

 In the Yoshifumi bower is beautiful; hang down; double state ... of the plum

 In the time of state ... / the cherry tree in the Yoshifumi bower, would you carry out tea parties here?  It is Lake Chinami and a state of Bairin to show in the sky of the haze far distantly.  The mood was the scenery which overflowed even if I looked, and nature would be more beautiful in those days now!

That Kairakuen is wonderful is the appearance which considered again and was told also by this visit truly! .... Even though the time of a plum is short, it will still be also fully maintaining a full plum here this month. ..... We recommend you to visit by all means in this way, here and there which is not yet visited in the spring of this year, if it sees.

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