★★ latest information: ★★ latest information: 1) October 23, 2015 Present: Komine~keHara around the autumn leaves proceeded surprisingly quickly, it has been the best time to see the autumn leaves! The begins so early autumn leaves, since there is ... still ahead is that it is not in recent years, without panic, let's Mairi look forward to ...,

201 510 May 22 Comments: I since the beginning of the ... previous years in November, which is seen soon autumn leaves of Furumine_Jinjya(Shrine) again this year, this year's fall foliage is quite premature at Nikko area. It is, it is not How can wait until ... it'll be coming as early autumn leaves in full bloom about a week that!

 ★★ latest information: of November 7, 2014 " Komine~keHara autumn leaves of old Mine Gardens and Shirai Hirahashi ... that introduced the "

Komine~keHara maple in full Mine garden shrine is in full bloom! This year, this year ... the coming of fall about 60% in the 4 to 5 early October 28 now than in previous years has begun the autumn leaves, would be in full bloom until the first week of November ...

This year, unfortunately since October of the weather there were many preferably without typhoon ... this Cobb appreciation period has become less of autumn leaves is I want to see us only autumn leaves of old Mine Garden of r location is one of the of! Furumine_Jinjya(Shrine) surrounding, is wrapped around of autumn leaves and the best did ... especially neighboring Gunma Prefecture in humans, Kita-jin us from far away Niigata amazed by the beauty of autumn leaves of this ancient Mine garden In seems to have cheers from ... various place called It's beautiful has been heard! This time I time was early visited compared with last year, but certainly remaining the color of autumn leaves up towards the top of the mountain, this yellow leaves of many in the old MineGen shrine garden, especially of red leaf maple, the color was conspicuous. " autumn leaves and Oashigawa upstream Shirai Hirahashi large feature   Komine~ke original foliage ... from here ✡✡✡ " to ... introduction had been able to Kanuma hospitality map of! "," of 2013 Shirai flat autumn leaves of the bridge would be a full week at the highest tail 11, the 17th ... "


Also visit at this time I felt something quite wonderful. Autumn leaves will come more and more red color now day by day, the process proceeds. If now, but larch that autumn leaves to waiting yellow is beautiful, it is soon to warm so still likely to continue is in full bloom as long as this temperature is followed as it would ... of this year features Nixa is falling. Valley neighborhood in the middle When Going from this Kanuma region Oashigawa is, I hardly leaves. Although a little now to worry, that it was found that well Ete beautiful autumn leaves have come down from the summit as it approaches the old Mine shrine. Such a point also still fall foliage in seems to enjoy sufficient ... does not seem to come down to the lower bound ... Note: The last year of the old Mine shrine autumn leaves ★ surface of Tengu of Komine~keHara  ★ Furumine_Jinjya(Shrine) introduction ★ Furumine_Jinjya(Shrine) and the surrounding tourism


Komine~keHara shrine 2011

Komine~keHara is nobody knows the location of the entrance of the shrine ... wonderful autumn leaves you amaze everyone if there is here ... right now is its time of arrival ...


It is a situation of autumn leaves near the main hall entrance


First person when there go in appearance is ... quite a large garden of autumn leaves of maple kind in the Komine-en will startle to its beauty and breadth!


In a small one hour it large there is a moat was also such as house of straw roofs are in is the place to enjoy as well Japanese garden ... generally there comfortably in this Yu Wang is necessary garden.


Here you will be many to eat if there is a souvenirs and tea house in the small ... I had quite crowded!


Surprisingly it can be at this late hour look at the pictures, but the color of maple is really a great place ...

It is the state of the foliage in the mountains seen from somewhat secluded location ... this day, but there was also time to become a little cloud are many date Kage~tsu, and clear and you can maintain a great beam state ...

After all here is full of garden nature because it is mountainous areas of the shrine connected to the mountain of Komine~keHara ...

It is an artificial garden, but still surprisingly is full of nature ... could you see that is you still are less fallen leaves of autumn colors, even look at this ...

Was raised by all means show on this occasion if there are people who do not know the shrine is a garden ... still with natural there, such as return of is the state of when the road entering the course ... really stylish tea room are really well harmony is a full Mine Shrine enshrined Thailand leading Komine~keHara ...

☆ deals: 

1) Now that I came up here, and why not look at the flow of the river the public land of the famous autumn leaves with little side trip! That's right if ... immediately return shrine Previous the exit of not Kanuma direction tunnel this would not be the hand that does not look! When you return, you should pass through the torii of Furumine_Jinjya(Shrine). And then and then immediately Going to the is ... about 2km about immediately turn left over the river There is an old stone bridge. This r file periphery in Hirai is a scenic area called the city! Surely it should cameraman're full. And I try to get down by all means since it is down to the river beach in autumn leaves might have not progressed too much foliage and here is very slow because it is still okay for this time .... inadvertently but ... anyway clean place Let you light the autumn leaves ... and the stone bridge contrast of ... autumn leaves and the surrounding trees! Hirai Tera-kyo of autumn leaves 1 , Hirai Tera-kyo autumn leaves 2 ,Hirai Tera-kyo 3 , I tried to choose from a photograph of the introduction of up to more than now! Let's look forward to because there are various. 

2) I always think, but there is a great statue in a little more Furumine_Jinjya(Shrine) of this great torii .... This, Mt. attractions is ... but the fall of the fire festival is carried out in May in The precincts of autumn leaves time is also great fall foliage. ... Formally Why not look in pray to stop by if there is certainly time, it is called Mt. MizuhoMinetera.

It is Miki and goblet of old Mine shrine

I get a very tasty drink will be served ..... actually also drink during the day, but the people of the shame is ... sympathy because not drink the direction of the car, like those of the bus are drinking freely It is is ... of course the name sake!

Noon of the goodness of Komine~keHara shrine


3) Do not you feel the stomach is reduced to see the autumn colors of this beautiful old Mine shrine! And the rush to such time is, of But many people do not know it because it does not called the daytime is the meal ... most meals in the shrine, and some of it is about three Atsumari-rui, if suddenly sign up for lunch It becomes the only one kind, but ... Come taste the morning to lunch with a souvenir with a libation and the cup, and ... "Why not try to diet when there is time to for meal Furumine_Jinjya(Shrine) "

4) ☆ Old Mine Jinja your deity: Japan Takeru (Mikoto of Yamatotakeru)

Venerable: old now to leave 1300 years or more, all the way lead to the Holy Spirit from the capital to Kiyoshi-chi of Komine~keHara I was for your Itoku of your deity, it seems E were reportedly thank deified. Location: Tochigi Prefecture Kanuma Kusagyu 3027 TEL 0289-74-2111 old Mine shrine

5) Furumine_Jinjya(Shrine) and the surrounding travel guide

Reference Notes: The autumn leaves information of old Mine Garden of Old Mine shrine, HP of Old Mine shrine from when you click the Old Mine Park on the left looks like now the red information is known.

Autumn leaves situation of November 15, 2012

Komine~keHara and around the shrine of autumn leaves is like this in 20121115, 2009. Since this day was cold wind is also blowing really, it felt like Banshu. Maple before shrine is bright red burning now, it has come to would ... also suddenly cold this year, which said that a few days!

Buildings and trees of the beauty of the central portion of the shrine Komine-en, and have dull the beauty of the leaves of maple, which fell this year. That I did not have to be visited to such time until now, but it was a little unusual sight.

It is around a beautiful pond near the shrine entrance. Individual would be a beautiful time most now ...

Sight seen from the top of the shrine of torii ... still do will until Sunday Atari ne ... of now here is the best time to see ...

Garden state is ... leaves of Komine-en is yellow-green carpet and color had suits well fallen. Here to because I equal to or higher than 3000 steps When you around one still wide and garden of the is ne ...

Although appearance is ... still one of Hirai Tera-kyo was wearing, still maple is green place many, this is still all right. Although I'm sure you'll be the valley the wind does not come! Under the bridge that looked up from the bottom is Shota ... when clean even come in such a state, but does not seem to be powerful at the time of the full swing. m husband also perhaps may try Neba~tsu when such but ... young motorcycle people wore a lot. Parking was free, but ...

It was a state of near Komine~keHara 2012 of November late autumn or more.

Estimated traffic to Furumine_Jinjya(Shrine)

Example: - = regular bus; over = train; The - = Shinkansen

1) Tokyo The - (Utsunomiya Shinkansen: one hour 10 minutes) over Kanuma (Nikko Line: 15 minutes) ... new Kanuma (regular bus: one hour 10 minutes) - Komine~keHara

2) Tokyo ----- Urawa ic (Metropolitan Expressway: 40 minutes) ------ Kanuma IC (Tohoku Expressway one hour) ------ Komine~keHara Shrine (40 minutes local road)


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