Nikko Ryuzu Fall

Nikko Ryuzu Fall

When you visit NIKKO, there are many falls. But this RYUZU Fall is one of the best place to be checked. Normally, the name RYZU is comming from the name of dragon. But do you know it? It is normally explained as below; At the bottom sides of the fall, it is divided into two flows in the rock basin, and so it is named as Ryuzu Falls because of its resemblance to a dragon's head (竜頭 pronaunced as Ryuzu 竜頭 = dragon head). But, this in only confined to the name of it, but the location of this area is very beautiful sceneries.

It is very interesting that this areas change color start at exactly 10th of October every year....It is really interesting natural condition is very exact.

The RYUZU Fall is not only wonderful place for trip in Autum, but also spring is also beautiful.


NIKKO Ryuzu Fall

In early spring, this area is very beautiful with the flowers shouwn below:

Name of the flowers are TOUGOKU MITSUBA TSUTSUJI or Rhododendron wadanum. Very beaufiful violet color spread around the falls:

RYUZU Fall is beautiful ,so many people love them. But when you visit them, please look around the places, so tha you can find many more wonderful things whichi you coud be pleased.

Generally speaking, many people arrived at lower parking lot. Then start to take a look at the falls, RYUZU Fall. But this is the minimum walk around, so we recommend you to climb the root along the falls, and find more wide wild area that give you feel more wonderfufeelingsl. Most of the people only look the falls. It is very uneconomical way to look around. We strongly recommend to check around more closely, as you come here beautiful place for the first time.



At Nikko Ryuzu Fall


★ Next, you 'll find Map relating to the vicinity of the Ryuzu Fall.  This location is covered with many famous districts, but you'll need to use the bus or cars. It looks not so far from any places, but actually the distance betwenn those famouse area required to take many times. Lower part of this map shows CHUZENJI Lake. You might be happy to look around the Lake. This location is famouse for the natural beauty. And if you want to go around the Lake, you need to ride on the STEAM SHIPs start from the east pier. And rescently, this ship opened the New pier for the Embassy Villa Memorial Park Pier, for the Chuzenjiko Cruise trafficking Lake Chuzenji in Nikko on Saturday, June 1, 2019.

[Accompanying sheet]Details ofthe New Pier Embassy Villa Memorial Parksand the Around-Trip Free Ticket (Unlimited Rides)1. Overview of the new pier Embassy Villa Memorial Parks(1) Opening:June 1, 2019(2) Location:Chugushi, Nikko-city, Tochigi-prefecture,Japan2 min walk from the Italian Embassy Villa Memorial Park4 min walk from the British Embassy Villa Memorial Park(3)Opening hours:Around 10:00am–16:00pm(4) Business season:Mid-April–November 30. Time tables are found in the Pages shown here.

Anyway, when you visit Ruzu FALL, dont forget to check these places. To save times, it is very important to make detailed schedule not to miss the famouse places located near to your travels.

Map for RYUZU Fall

Chuzennji Lake

This is the CHUZENJI Lake scenery. Normal people look around this area, and feels very relaxed feeling.



Once you take steam ship and visit the South side of the Lake , you will find following gorgeous scenery.

looking to Mt.NANTAI


If you visit The British Embassy Villa Memorial Park, following villa can be appreciated. And also above wonderful Mt.Nantai can be seen when it is clear day.

The British Embassy Villa Memorial Park