Nikko National Park Area Information: Toshogu ,etc

Nikko National Park with Photoes

Nikko Toshogu Shrine at The World Heritage Nikko:€If you have any interests near here, please visit my another index page as [ Tochigi, Nikko Area General Introduction Pages ! ]

Newly introduced Beautiful Scenery at Kobugahara Shrine.

Followings are some of the Beautiful Shrine Autumnal leaves.

Beautiful Equinox Flower is ready to be in full bloom at Jyourakuji temple!

20110615 The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasterand relative instructions around Nikko. New: Nikko Akechidaira & Rope Way

€€The luxurious plum of Kairaku-en Garden


奥日光湯元温泉 this means okunikko Yumot Spar area mesured data.

二社一寺 this means nishaichiji, tow shurines, one temple which indicate Nikko Toshouguu Shurine Area.

憾満ガ淵 kannmanngafuchi which located neare the above temple area.

東武日光駅前 Toubu Nikko station, this is well known area, and most nikko area is not got high radioactive readings, and very safe! I could say.

足尾町 Ashio town, which located South-West from the Nikko, and distance is very far away from the portion of Nikko.


The main concept of thisHome Page is to provide you the best beautiful sceneries in Japan, especially near the Nikko areas. The reason why these famouse world heritage area are introduced , is simply because , I am living near the famous area. No other meaning.

Near the Kanto districts, mainly, I was trying to gather the materials from Nikko area, and its vicinities, as the Tochigi prefecture is the location of the the FamousShrines in Nikko area.


Many peoples want to know, want to see the beautiful scenes,thereto, off course. But actually, if you want to find out the spot, without any proper guidances, might be, I am sure, something very difficult, especially for the foreigners.

If you look around these pages of my home pages , I'm sure you will be much pleased, appreciated with the beauty of the Japan's best spots, as these are introduced by this compiled pages. The various places , off course, may be instantly be found and introduced to you, at any time as you open the pages of my wonderful Home Pages!

But I must apologize for the reason that theTranslation of all the pages into English are not available to you yet.

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So please try to translate my page, by use of the above introduced processes. Then instantly, you will get toknow the meaning of my pages. It's very easy to communicate each other, if you want to know the Japan. As you know Nikko area is something very famous for the excursion area ,so that I proudly introduce these area with the best effort for you.

Please, feel free to look around here and there in Japan as you like with the aid of the translation media.

And surely you will find the best beautiful spot to be visited. And also am very grateful, if any peoples of the world will come to see this home page, and that will be the most important international transaction toward the world peace !

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Some of the Best Favorites Pages are Followings:

NIKKO Best Sceneries:

・・ote・・/span>縲€All the following picturers are linked to each pages you want to go! 縲€So please click the picturer you want to go繝サ繝サ繝サ繝サ繝サ繝サPlease Enjoy Nikko!
譌・蜈蛾セ埼ュ縺ョ貊晄丼 鮴埼ュ縺ョ貊晄丼 逾樊ゥ・ width= 譌・蜈我コ秘㍾蝪・ width= 蜷ォ貅€繝カ豺オ 鮴埼ュ縺ョ貊昴r豁ゥ縺肴・ス縺励・・・ width=
譌・蜈画、咲黄蝨・ width= 譌・蜈画揄荳ヲ譛ィ蜈ャ蝨・ width= 蜈牙セウ迚ァ蝣エ 螟ァ隨ケ迚ァ蝣エ 荳ュ遖・ッコ貉悶せ繧ォ繧、繝ゥ繧、繝ウ 荳ュ遖・ッコ貉・ width=

Shiobara Spar Best Sceneries:

・・ote・・/span>縲€All the following picturers are linked to each pages you want to goto see! 縲€So please click the picturer you want to go繝サ繝サ繝サ繝サ繝サ繝サPlease Enjoy Shiobara Spar!

蝪ゥ蜴滓クゥ豕蛾・遘・ width= 蝪ゥ蜴溘・遘狗エ・痩鄒・ width= 蝪ゥ蜴溘→邂貞キ晄ク楢ーキ
蝪ゥ蜴溘・縺倥↑縺ョ貉ッ 蝪ゥ蜴溷ヲ咎峇蟇コ縺ィ迚。荳ケ
蝪ゥ蜴溯カウ貉ッ繝サ貉ッ縺」豁ゥ縺ョ驥・ width= 蝪ゥ蜴溯カウ貉ッ縺ョ驥後・貉ッ縺」豁ゥ縺ョ驥・ width= 繝上Φ繧ソ繝シ繝槭え繝ウ繝・ぅ繝ウ縺ィ繝ヲ繝ェ縺ョ闃ア蜥イ縺城・ width= 蝪ゥ蜴溷、ァ邯イ貂ゥ豕牙捉霎コ 蝪ゥ蜴滓爾邏「 蝪ゥ蜴溽舞荳区クゥ豕峨→邏・痩

Other Beautiful Places Introduced by My Pages are:

Flower Seasons in Japan Mainland

Peach Trees in Ena area------ This is the most beautiful Japn's peach trees. The colors are beautiful, off course,but the seasons are most ly loved by Japanese peoples. Because of the flower season may start form the mid of May, until that time, we can not be able to see the strong color flowers like peach trees, compared with those of cherry trees.
------The main vrsion of this Japanese Pages can be seen from here, Spring Peach Trees at Ena Area.-----As explaned before, you can easily translate this page by means of the process described beforhand. Please try this one , please.

Peach Trees in Yamanashi Pref.------ These district is very much known by the Japnese, and peach production at autum sesons are so beautiful, and sweet! Many peoples from many country sides want to buy the sweet peaches of course, but they also very much appreciate its beautiful peach flower show in erly spring. This yamanashi Pref., You can see the Japans higher mountins very easy, and the peach flowers just before the thse mountins covered with the snow scene, can not be forget to be seen. (Other likely pages been seen----Nirasaki area Peach Flower Trees.

Peach flowers in full bloom


These are only the small examples of this homepage . I am sure, you will be found much more beauties in this homepages. Please, linger over your coffes, and do not forget to check my home pages at any time you like. Named under ' Tochigiken Michikusa Jyouhou' whichi means, travel around the beautiful Tochigi Pref., and stick around any places which you like as long as you like!

And finally, I recommend the easy way to find out my best pages are: Site map, and Travel Index Pages.
Please have a good time with these pages instructed, and have a wonderful Japan Trip!

Toshougu and its vicinity walking may be found in these pages.----Let's walk around the toushougu area ! :Another pages recommended to you all is the [ Pages introduce you to the Nikko Main Town walk, where you can find the famous Shinkyou ( red colored bridge located near the Toshogu)].

Now, you may interested in the Nikko mountains. There you find ryuzunotaki-fall, whichi also you can see from [ Ryuzunotaki ].

And if you interested in the old budda , you can see them near the area, named 'Ganmanngafuchi' where you find more than 100 stone made budda which are very old, so many of them are mossed up by long year accumulation results.

And other interesting facility is the Beautiful Botanical Gardens, Nikko located very near here.

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Followings are All hydrangea flowers縲€in Major Temples and Shrine aroud Kanto District・帙€€Please Enjoy the縲€ Rainy 縲€Season in Japan繝サ繝サ繝サ繝サ繝サ