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This homepage introduces beautiful JAPAN sceneries and itsu wonderful flower spots, especially
NEAR NIKKO AREA where is one of
the InternationalWorld Heritage.

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1)Nikko English Guid

2)Beautiful Equinox Flower is ready to be in full bloom at Jyourakuji temple!

3)€€The luxurious plum of Kairaku-en Garden

4)Tochigi, Nikko Area General Introduction Pages !

5)Newly introduced Beautiful Scenery at Kobugahara Shrine.

6)Nikko Akechidaira & Rope Way

7)Another English Pages to be Explored in this Home page.






IN AUTUM, Mandarin flower startt to in full bloom.




Beautiful tourist spot REFERD PLACES




Approximately 2,500 plants, including Western hydrangea, forehead hydrangea, mountain hydrangea, etc., compete for bloom on both sides of the approximately 1,000 steps of the stone steps of the Ohirasan Shrine Omotesando, which extends from Rokkakudo in front of the Taiheizan Nature Park to Zuijinmon.

IN AUTUM, Mandarin flower startt to in full bloom.

In the Hyuga area, crimson cluster amaryllis begins to bloom around rice fields and nobe around mid- September when the rice ears of the village turn golden . The contrast between the dark green of the mountains and the bright red cluster amaryllis creates a fantastic landscape.

HOSHINO VILLAGES are very near from TOKYO to appreciate beautiful SPRING FLOWERS.

Kazo-ji Temple is a treasure trove of Setsubunsou, located about 1km south of Shoshino-no-sato. Shiraume was already in full bloom... The flower of Kazoji Temple is introduced below, so please also see it...


TOCHIGIKEN MICHIKUSA JYOUHOU 栃木県みちくさ情報 (Tochigi PREF. Loitering ways and found beautiful sceneries)

栃木県から美しい自然と花の情報を発信して10年以上が経ちました・・・・This page has been already passed more than 10years showing on the WEB you just checked.

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★Welcome the New Year "List of shrines"

  1. Click here for flower information! !
  2. Tochigi Prefecture Michikusa Information
  3. Spring flower information, flowering information, walking and driving guide
  4. Kanto Flower Spots List
  5. List of cherry blossom spots in Tochigi
  6. List of Plum Famous Places Inside and Outside Tochigi
  7. Katakuri Flower Places in Tochigi Prefecture
  8. Links of cluster amaryllis found in 2007
  9. Early spring scenery of Mashiko revised 1
  10. Iwaki, Rara, and Mew (This is a bargain fish market!)
  11. Meiji no Mori Park with blooming poppies
  12. Information on Michikusa in Tochigi Prefecture - lots of travel information in nearby prefectures with large photos
  13. Yatsugatake early spring revision added
  14. Kinugawa Onsen during cherry blossom season
  15. (If the SITE MAP has too many items and you find it difficult, please see Here!)
  16. A list of when the cherry blossoms bloom
  17. Mt. Nasudake from Shirakawa
  18. Japan Nikko Area Information
  19. List of convenient items
  20. Travel related links
  21. Recommended Photo Links
  22. Odaiba Outlet Venus Fort Shop List
  23. Swans are flying over Lake Hanedanuma...
  24. Introduction to Oashikawa
  25. Shirakawa Nanko Park
  26. Introduction to Shinshu Tazawa Onsen
  27. Kumobaike in Karuizawa: The beauty of autumn leaves
  28. Oashi River autumn leaves
  29. Saku Pinkoro Jizoson
  30. Nikko Kirifuri Falls in full bloom!
  31. Awano Flower Farm
  32. Kashi Onsen Daikokuya
  33. Morinji Tanuki Bunbuku Chagama
  34. Introduction to Senbonmatsu Ranch
  35. Autumn foliage at Unganji Temple
  36. Mt. Myokou Autumn Leaves
  37. Foliage status of Fukushima Kannon-numa as of 2013-1028
  38. Image collection for quietly enjoying autumn at Unganji
  39. Onishi Winter Sakura
  40. Shiobara Myounji Temple Button Temple
  41. Tochigi Sightseeing Introduction Revised Edition
  42. Aizu Travel Course: Carefully Selected
  43. Autumn in Masutomi Onsen
  44. Shiobara Onsen Kotarogafuchi Autumn Leaves
  45. Tochigi Nikko Roppouzawa
  46. Introduction to traveling from Fukushima to Shiga Kogen
  47. Travel to Nikko introduced in Japan
  48. Autumn at Hitachi Seaside Park
  49. Introducing another world with a view of Mt. Takahara
  50. Yukiwari Bridge Koyo Introduction
  51. Waterfall of Ry?zu Falls
  52. Introduction to the Autumn Leaves of Fukushima Kannonuma
  53. Introduction Nikko
  54. Kairakuen
  55. Introduction to Nikko Ryuzu Falls・・・Featured on a course introduced in Japan yesterday・・・
  56. Introduction to the grand deco of autumn leaves in Fukushima
  57. Introduction to Shioya Town
  58. Visiting Nikko Toshogu Shrine
  59. About the Kanuma Autumn Festival
  60. Nasu Ubagadaira autumn leaves
  61. 2013 cluster amaryllis blooming information in Minosawa
  62. Higanbana in full bloom at Chanosato Park_Breaking News 2013
  63. Introduction to famous autumn leaves spots in Nikko 2 Oku-Nikko
  64. The latest version of Nasu Garden Outlet store list
  65. Nikko Fall Foliage 2013 coming soon
  66. Introduction to Kinchakuta
  67. Higanbana 2013 flowering information at Awano Jourakuji Temple
  68. Blooming cluster amaryllis in Awano Yunosato in 2013
  69. Fukushima Goshikinuma Autumn Leaves 2013
  70. About Shiobara Onsen
  71. Awano area cluster amaryllis 3
  72. Awano area amaryllis 2
  73. Awano area amaryllis 1
  74. From Chanosato Park Higanbana to Minozawa 4
  75. From Motegi to Chanosato Park and Higanbana 3
  76. Higanbana in the North Kanto Region from Karasuyama to Motegi-2
  77. From Northern Kanto Cluster Amaryllis, Karasuyama to Motegi
  78. Nasu Flower World 2013 Autumn
  79. Mount Azuma Fukushima and Flowers
  80. Higanbana at Hayakawabuchi
  81. About Lake Shirakaba and Lake Megami
  82. Barakura Eng Garden
  83. Kanto Shukaidou and Higanbana flowering season
  84. Lily flowers by Lake Shirakaba
  85. Kominegahara Shrine Spring
  86. Fujimi Kogen Flower Village
  87. Introduction to Masutomi Radium Onsen
  88. Fujimi Plateau Fujimi Lily Village
  89. Guide to Minami Karuizawa
  90. Hunter Mountin and Lily Flower 2013
  91. Walking around Nikko Chuzenji Lake_2
  92. Walking around Nikko Chuzenji Lake_1
  93. Romantic Village
  94. Shiobara Onsen Motoyu Trip
  95. Map of Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
  96. Introduction to Nikko Oosasa Ranch
  97. Seasonal photography in the Kanto area and introduction to driving spots
  98. Introduction to Nikko Chuzenji Lake
  99. Introduction to Nikko Suginamiki Park
  100. :"Yamayuri's famous spot was introduced in the newspaper today... Hikoma Town's Negoya Forest ParkIt is said that the best time to see the flowers is one week earlier than the beginning of August!”
  101. Ibaraki Flower Park in Bloom
  102. Introduction to Terayama Dam
  103. Introduction to Tanbara Lavender Park and its surroundings
  104. Current lavender flowering information・・・"Currently, 25,000 early blooming plants are in full bloom"・・・There are 50,000 plants in total, but the rest is your material It becomes the breed of!
  105. Driving around Nikko | Hike Introduction
  106. Yuri Hanamitsuki Park
  107. Introduction to Karuizawa Harunire Terrace
  108. Introduction to the Cosmos Highway (Blooming soon!)
  109. Karuizawa Outlet New East New Revised Edition
  110. Kanto date spot list
  111. 3Visit Nikko Toshogu Shrine
  112. Karuizawa Guide Guide
  113. Karuizawa Outlet East Shop List Latest Version
  114. Karuizawa Lake Garden 2013
  115. 2013 Andy Williams Botanic Garden in early July
  116. Ota Yoshizawa Yuri no Sato
  117. A summary of travel information for enjoying walking... Please refer to it!
  118. ``Lake Geneva Roses (Lake Garden Roses) in full bloom''
  119.  "Four Seasons Flowers July Flowers" has been revised
  120. Travel information...Sales information for Kanzarashi soba only available at Izuruyama"
  121. ``Current status of Kurobane Yurien''
  122. A trip to eat sweetfish in Nakagawa” “Trip around Naka River" "Trip around Karasuyama
  123. Nikko Kirifuri Kisuge
  124. Introduction to Daiyagawa Park
  125. Kurobane Lily Garden and surrounding sightseeing, flower trip introduction
  126. Taliesin roses are in full bloom!
  128. Tsuga no Sato's ancient lotus flowers are now in full bloom!
  129. 20130623 Ashikaga Hydrangea Benten Festival
  130. 20130623 Furumine Shrine
  131. Hydrangeas at Kurobane Castle
  132. Introduction to Nikko Yumoto
  133. Utsunomiya Green Flower Tree Center
  134. Kanuma Isoyama Shrine and Hydrangea
  135. Introduction to Karuizawa Outlets (revised edition)
  136. Introduction to Honda Botanic Garden in Nittamachi
  137. Japanese primrose in full bloom in the sunlight
  138. 20130612Today, I introduced famous spots for roses and hydrangeas!
  139. 20130609Kurobane Hydrangea Festival
  140. A list of hydrangeas
  141. 20130522Karasuyama Open Garden Nobara
  142. 20130515Karasuyama Open Garden Stefany
  143. 20130518Introduction to Ashikaga Nagusa Megaliths
  144. 20130517Nikko Hemerocallis in full bloom at the Ruins Square
  145. 20130515 Romantic Village (Wednesday) - May 19 (Sunday) "World Orchid" Exhibition Featuring Peruvian Orchids
  146. 20130515Tochigi roadside station list revised
  147. 20130513Ryushinji Button Temple in Kiryu
  148. 20130513How to get Nasu Kogen azalea flowering information
  149. 20130511Introduction to Daikeiji Peony Garden in Ota, Gunma
  150. 20130511Add button information for Shiobara Myounji Temple
  151. 20130510Trip around Nasu Flower World
  152. 20130509Nasu Flower World Tulip 2013
  153. 20130505Introduction to Nasu Garden Outlet Revised Version
  154. 20130505Tsukuba Peony Garden
  155. 20130430Karuizawa Outlet and surrounding driving guide revised
  156. 20130430Batou Kentokuji Temple
  157. 20130429Introduction to viewing flowers from early summer to summer
  158. 20130425Today's status of Ichikai Shibasakura
  159. 20130420Introduction to Shisui Premium Outlets
  160. 20130414Introduction to Hanamiyama 2013
  161. 20130412Otani Museum Mine Introduction
  162. 20130411April 11, 2013 at Motegi Hana no Yama
  163. 201304082013 Famous place for blooming flowers
  164. 20130408Omoigawa Cherry Blossom Festival at Iizuka Biwazuka Tumulus in Oyama City!
  165. 20130406Mooka 10,000 Cherry Blossom Festival Bulletin
  166. 20130406Enjoy April flowers
  167. 20130327:Cherry blossoms on Dokkyo University campus... To my surprise, the cherry blossoms on the campus of Dokkyo Gakuen in Mibu Town were in full bloom!
  168. 20130323 ``2013 Mt.
  169. Latest Information ★★★ 20130322: ☆Today's wonderful dogtooth violet flower pattern on Mt. Mikamoya: Katakuri flowers in Sano Manyo Park, Usuzumi cherry blossoms in Shimotsuke City< /a>, Cherry blossoms at Daisenji Temple at the foot of Mt. Ohira in Tochigi, Tochigi Flower Center in spring,
  170. 20130313 "Tsukuba plum grove in full bloom 2013"
  171. 20130311 Revised list of moss phlox in Kanto
  172. 20130306Snow Mountain List Revised
  173. 20130306Addition of northern Kanto drive in spring
  174. 20120224Quality of hot springs
  175. 20130217Takasaki Kannon
  176. 20130216Hanajyouhou Information Collection List Past List
  177. 20130214Introduction to Nikko Winter Peony Festival
  178. 20130212Takasaki Shorinji Daruma Temple
  179. 20130212Introducing the situation in Annaka City in February 2013
  181. 20130210Introduction to Tochigi Flower Festa 2013
  182. 20130209 The plum blossoms at the Kanuma Nishikigoi Center will soon bloom!
  183. 20130208Introduction to Ashikaga School
  184. 20130204Introduction to Lake Chuzenji and its surroundings NEW
  185. 20130130Hoshino Village Wintersweet Blooming Information
  186. 20130130Kanuma-Nagano District Flowering Information for Roubai no Sato
  187. 20130128Ninomiya Roadside Station with Seasonal Strawberries
  188. 20130127Roadside Station Utsunomiya Romantic Village Introduction/Revised Edition
  189. 20130120Nasu Tourist Guide - New Revised Edition
  190. 20130116 Flowers are coming soon... Hoshino no Sato of flowers from a new angle
  191. 20130112 Introduction to Setsubunso in Northern Kanto
  192. 20130102Grimm's House and the Beauty of Nighttime Illumination
  193. 20121229Utsunomiya Station and Gyoza
  194. 20121227Shiki no Hanabana January Revised New Edition
  195. 20121224Landscape photo room_1
  196. 20121224Landscape photo room_2
  197. 20121224Scenery photo room_3
  198. 20121224Landscape photo room_4
  199. 20121224Landscape photo room_5
  200. 20121224Landscape photo room_6
  201. 20121222From Kusatsu Onsen to the Highland Route
  202. 20121219Introduction to Ikaho Onsen and the surrounding plum grove
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