Nikko Akechi Daira

Nikko Akechi Daira

Nikko Akechidaira which located at the top of the Irohasaka(Iroha slope). And noone miss the spot,because of this area is the very grandour view point of the Nikko Mountains. This erly spring , I visited this area and muchi pleased with the Beauties of the Flower Blooming the visinity, and the ropeway located around this course is so nice to see around. From now on , Ryuzunotaki(ryuzu Fall) vicinity will be coverd with these beautiful flowers and the seasons will be slowly getting into the ealy Summer!


D'ont forget to see this beautiful scenery. Only this couse,youcan appriciate thsis grandour memories of the Films, whichi youmaight be seen before!


Please click the upper banner whichi translated in Japanese, Koutoku bokujyou,Yumoto, and Chuuzennjiko.

Akechidaira ropeway is noto so big as you imagine. But the pannorama on whichi you can see during the course, is so amazing ,and wanderful course. And at this locations only, you can see the Kegon fall and chuzennjiko area.

If you go tothe top of the mpuntain,like this by use of the Akechidaira Rope way,this amazing sceneries coud be seen befor your eyes. SO beautiful the course aroud here,that most peoples want to visit this course, after parking the automobile and buy the ticket to the top parramount course.


For far to detailes,

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