Yumoto Onsen

Nikko Yumoto

 Nikko Yumoto means Places where Hot spa is sprang out. So many peaples around the world come to see this famous places. Generally,this location is the most highest point at the Nikko, where the Lake named Yunoko is located. The place is mostly loved by the Japanese especially for Onsen(hot spring) plesures, but for other country peaples coud be appreciated this area as the beautiful scenery spot hikes. Following pictures are erly summer, and the beautiful flowers are in full bloom around the lake Yunoko. Once boating out this lake, all the fellows will feels its wonderful pleasures each their minds. please come to my Index page


nikko yumoto

 Thease are the sides of the Yunoko, at which locations, youcan find red flowers. Smells of the hot spa could be felt very pleasently, so sometimes, they forget to goback to their homes ! Anyway, thisdistrict, there you find the old temple called ONSENJI whichi means hotspa temple , where you could take the hoto spa bath, if you want to. This type of the Bath would be , I think , only the bath which you can get at the Temle. NOone would think that the temple afford the hot spa !


nikko yumotonikko yumoto

Following is the temple whichi is located most back side of the Yunoko, but most peaple will find this place very easily, if you follow to the normal walking path. The location is very near to the hoto spar spring out locations.  At this time flowers like these called kurinflower, is in fll bloom.


yumoto hot spar temple

Above picture is the most famouse 'onsenji'・・・Spar temple. So if you want to take a bath, white spar bath, all you need to do is to inquire the Temple , and only pay \500.- , then some Japanese tea and some senbei will be served.


kurin flowerskurin flowers






hot spring locations

Hot spar originated locations////very strong smells coud be felt around the places. But these area are easily travelled around if you want to .


Japanese style hot spar hotels

At Yumoto you can find many hotels ,lodging places, but incase if you can not find out the appropriate hotels which you want to, better to consult the Kankou Kyoukai located at the Parking lot.



Thease are all spar Japanese style hotels. If you all the time use the hotel type, why not try these Japanese style hotels?


Mt,shirane could be seen

Mt. konsei which you can see from here and if you want to go Gunma Pref., You can easily drive through the mountains around as I menntioned.

hot spring can be drink at this spot

This type of the places, serving us the hot spring water. Off course, spring is vry hot, so if you want to drink them up ,it will need to take care!



Those are the Nikko Yumoto area travelling informations. Very easy to take walk around and also to drive around.

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