Equinox Flower Jyourakuji temple

Equinox Flower Jyourakuji temple

Just say Yes to(常楽寺Jyourakuji Temple)(Awano town, Tochigi Prefecture, Equinox Flower is a great. In autumn every year. Here is the Kanuma,that means the city near famous Nikko district and Kanuma is just go very easy . Equinox Flower Jyourakuji temple of here, where so great a reputation, and the peoples who knew this temple ,they never forget to enjoy those flowers. Equinox Flowers in bloom and so beautiful! This is the summary of a 2006year photoes. The day of 20070923 have been added here. The attractions of the nearby Equinox Flower, click here

Latest:常楽寺,Jyourakuji Temple Equinox Flowers of September 2008 . 常楽寺the current situation is here! (Yet, Equinox Flower is fast. Hagi but was in full bloom!,also )

The bell tower is also worth seeing and 常楽寺 Equinox Flower.

Equinox Flowers and soba white flowers are a great combination beauty.

The常楽寺, great temple has also planted buckwheat,much soba flowers which are the kanuma famouse production,of course, will also enjoy the peoples coming around here!

Here are the white flowers of soba which are the famouse reputation from the pasthistry around here.

Near this area is also full of farmers like this pictures and those flowers with in full bloom.

Well, this shows the famouse place near the bell tower located in this famouse temple, are filled with bunch of Equinox Flowers.The season in Fall, these flowers are reflected by the beautiful clear,transparent sunrays,so the color of these flowers are much interesting !

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