Japan Peach Flowers

Peach Flower Village


There is a beautiful peach flower Villages where we could see flowers even the first week of May. In Japan, normally,Kanto district,most peach flowers are finished the season of flower festivals. But the area showed above ,area located northern part of Nagano Pref., still cab be seen the beautiful flowers in bloom. The history of flowers are go back to the one famous guy ,once visited Germany, and noticed one of the peach trees like the area now in the visinity. The man called Fukuzawa Momosuke who was the president of the power palant company was the man tobe traced of.  ★The previous year, Flowers were in full bloom on 20130503.

This area is located near the Ena mountin, where is very famous of longest tonnel location and the wonderful spa resort called Hirugami Onsen. The location is very near to the Nagoya, so many people also come this area from that of the places. The above piture denote the beauty of the peach flowers in bloom. And so many peaple visited area and sight seen the area very much.

So many beautiful flowers can be seen thease district.

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